Refurbished Laptop and Desktop Computers

Refurbished laptop and desktop computers carry a 90 day warranty from the date you received it. The warranty covers the cost of parts and labor only. Accidental damage and software issues are not covered under this warranty. Shipping costs to send a product in for repair are not covered, however, XBit will send the repaired device back at no charge. 

Other Electronics (Speakers, Headphones, Tablets)

Other electronics such as speakers, headphones, tablets, computer accessories, networking accessories, and phone accessories have an implied 90 day warranty. This implied warranty allows any defective electronic product sold by XBit to be returned to the store within 90 days. Customers are entitled to a virtual gift certificate up to the purchase price of the product, or a replacement if the product is still available. No cash refunds outside of the standard return policy. Accidental damage is not covered under this implied warranty.

All Other Products

All other products sold by XBit that do not run off of electricity or are plugged in are sold as-is with no implied or given warranty. Because XBit is a discount electronics and general merchandise retailer, manufacturer warranties may not apply as well, as XBit does not always purchase its products direct from the manufacturers or distributors.

Extended Coverage Options

XBit now offers accidental coverage on all laptop and desktop computers that carry our 90 day warranty. Please click here for different plans and coverage options.

CPS Cellular Coverage