Shipping Information

100% Tracking Guarantee

Far too often small items on sites such as eBay and etsy get sold for less than $1 with free shipping. It sounds like a great deal, but what are you getting with free shipping for an item that cost you less than $1? It's more like what you aren't getting. What you're not getting is a tracking number. Owner Rick Yoder has experienced this before; buying a cheap item online and getting no tracking number. Then when telling the seller he never received the item, the seller refused to refund him.

Not having a tracking ID is bad for buyers and sellers alike. So all orders fulfilled by XBit are guaranteed to have a tracking number*.

*Excludes pick up orders, digital license keys, and items delivered by XBit.

$20 Minimum For Free Shipping

Low minimum for free shipping. Just $20 pre-tax and get free shipping.

Fast And Free Shipping

With low dollar minimums, you can get free and fast shipping through XBit. Delivery is within 2-5 business days depending on your location. Same day is also available for select Berks County, PA residents**.

**Same-day delivery only available to customers within a 10 mile radius of Butter Lane 19606. Same-day delivery available only when staffing/time allows for it. XBit is pleased to offer free/discounted shipping if same day shipping is not feasible.