General Rule of Thumb for Warranties at XBit

Most items are sold as-is with no implied warranty whatsoever. The only exception is when a warranty is mentioned in the product description.

Computer Warranties

Non-closeout computers include a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase that covers parts and labor. Return shipping costs are not covered. The warranty is meant to give customers a grace period in the event a part fails/goes bad. Please understand that laptops are still tested for key functions and diagnostics are run before the computers are posted for sale. Computers then get a quick boot test once they are paid for to ensure that there is no issues that occurred between original diagnostics and sale.

Extended PC Warranties/Warranty Extensions

XBit offers extended warranties for computers purchased. 1 year warranties are the available at this time. Customers are able to purchase these warranties at any point within the included 90 day warranty period, but it is recommended to purchase them at the time of buying the computer itself. Because the extended warranties extend the initial 90 day warranty, customers do not get a full year from the date of purchase, rather, it is a whole 1-2 years, inclusive of the original 90 days. If a customer buys a warranty extension, the warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase for the computer, not the date of purchase of the extended warranty itself. This is to avoid confusions when tracking warranty statuses. Warranty extensions cannot be sold to PCs after the initial 90 day warranty period.